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Frequently Asked Questions (plus some that are rarely asked, but perhaps should be asked more often.)

* Who can attend these classes?

Classes offered by Dance Kepler are open to all open-minded adults, regardless of age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. Singles and couples are welcome.

* I have never danced before. Where should I start?

Check out one of our Foundations series!

* I've been dancing for years and want to be challenged. What class should I take?

Check out our Advanced classes for experienced dancers.

* I'm taking classes and learning how to dance. Now where can I find some dance partners to practice with outside of class?

Good idea! One way to meet new people who love to dance is by joining our group Seattle Open Role Dance on Facebook.

* Do I need a partner?

You do not need a partner to attend class. We work collaboratively and rotate partners so everyone gets a chance to meet new people and practice their new moves with friends of different sizes, heights, and styles of moving. The goal is to be able to dance tango with your friends, family, new date, significant other, or anyone you choose!

* Who can attend this class series?

This class is especially open to all open-minded individuals who want to gain body awareness, learn to move fluidly and musically with a partner, and quickly become excellent dancers. Dancers with disabilities always welcome. Additionally, Dance Kepler holds itself to high standards in maintaining an LGBTQ-safe space.

Photo courtesy of Josh Lieberman and Melanie Reed
* I would like to try some one-on-one study to complement my work in group classes. How can I do that?
Max Kepler offers private instruction in Lindy Hop, Swing, Balboa, Argentine Tango, and Wedding Dance Preparation for individuals, couples, and small groups. Package discounts are available. Email for rates and availablity, or call 425-522-2481.

For a sense of Max's teaching style and philosophy, see her dance bio.

Other Questions? Contact Max at, 425-522-2481.

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