Dance Kepler

We specialize in teaching people how to enjoy dancing with a partner, and welcome singles and couples as our students. Currently offering private lessons, group classes, and open practice sessions in tango, swing, lindy hop, and partnering skills/kinesthic awareness, we believe that anyone can learn to dance and have fun in the process!

Privacy Policy

When you pay for dance classes through Amazon Payments, your credit card number and other payment information is subject to the Amazon Payments Privacy Policy, available here. Any other information (for example, your name and/or e-mail address) collected through Amazon Payments will be used by Dance Kepler to verify your registration and payment for the class, and will not be shared with other parties.
Should you choose to share personal information (such as your name or e-mail address) with Dance Kepler directly, through a sign-in sheet, by sending e-mail to Dance Kepler, or by contacting Dance Kepler or its affiliates through other social media, you may later receive invitations through e-mail or Facebook to future events run by Dance Kepler or its affiliates. You may opt-out of e-mail marketing from Dance Kepler or its affiliates at any time and may do so by sending an e-mail to requesting to be unsubscribed from marketing mailing lists.
Your phone number may be used by the proprietor or authorized employees of Dance Kepler or its affiliates for the purpose of notifying you in the rare case of a class cancellation, for other course-related purposes, or with your permission. Other personal information collected, incidentally or otherwise, by Dance Kepler, such as your phone number or mailing address, will never be shared with another person or entity without your written permission. For the purposes of this policy, permission given via e-mail will be considered written permission.