Max Kepler

Max began xyr study of both lindy hop and Argentine tango in late 1996. In 2000 xe moved to San Diego to finish school and found the city sadly lacking in diversity in its tiny tango scene. So xe founded a tango club at UCSD and began teaching in 2001 as a way of recruiting new members. It was never xyr intention to become a full-time dance instructor, but life has a funny way of taking its twists and turns.

During the past two decades, Max has lived and danced tango and lindy hop in Los Angeles and San Diego, in Oregon (both Portland and Eugene), and in Seattle, Washington. Xe now calls Seattle home and currently teaches tango (regularly) and lindy hop (on occasion) there, as well as advanced fusion special topics workshops and basic waltz class series by invitation. Since 2010, Max has been an invited guest instructor in San Francisco, Boston, Vancouver (Canada), La Manzanilla (Mexico), and in Stockholm (Sweden).

Max's teaching style is flexible, playful, and interactive. Xe carefully tailors private instruction to meet the needs of xyr students. In group classes xe brings students together for a mix of fun, learning, and community-building through humor and skill-building games. Xe incorporates elements from xyr training in a multitude of movement modaliies along with techniques from mindfulness-based meditation to help xyr students improve their confidence and presentation as well as their skillfulness and coordination.

Max's private lesson fee is $100/hour. To schedule a private lesson, contact xem at 425-522-2481 or

Photo by Tena Deen
For more information about upcoming classes with Max in Seattle visit the Dance Kepler website.