Intermediate/Advanced Series
- Subtlety and Complexity in tango -

with Max Kepler and Jenny Mulligan

4 Mondays, 7:15-8:30pm
August 6th - August 27th

Phinney Neighborhood Center
Room 32, Brick Building
6615 Dayton Avenue North, Seattle
Map / Directions
Doors open at 7, room avail for practice until 8:55.
What will this class cover?

The best tango dancers combine subtle and complex movements fluidly and seemingly effortlessly within their dance. This class will focus on creating and fine-tuning your tango skills and in the process develop your vocabulary for more complex tango movements.

Skills for advanced followers include: Skills for advanced leaders include:
  • Superb balance, posture, and groundedness.
  • Awareness of their own axis and axis of leader.
  • Precision of foot placement, especially during turns.
  • Heightened sensitivity to suggestions given by the lead.
  • Enough confidence to stay present in the current moment, even when the indication from the leader is subtle, complex, or unfamiliar.
  • Unperturbable groundedness and balance.
  • Creation of spiral energy, both for yourself and for the follower.
  • Precise timing and accuracy of placement of the follower's weight.
  • The confidence to follow-through when an opportunity for complex or subtle movement presents itself.
  • The sensitivity and flexibility to adjust the plan if the follower isn't ready or the dance flow of the room changes.
Responding well and maintaining connection even for the most subtle or complex movements can make you one of the most sought out followers at the milongas! The ability to lead complex movements with both subtlety and precision is a great tool for maintaining the interest of advanced followers and supremely useful for navigating in the constantly changing floor space at a milonga.
A minimum of 180 hours prior tango experience is recommended for this class.
The course fee is $50 for 4 weeks, paid in advance, $60 if paid on the first day of class. Drop-ins allowed with instructor permission, $18/class. To pre-register, email Max and she will respond with the mailing address for Dance Kepler. Checks mailed to Max must arrive on or before Saturday, August 4th.

For more information about this or other Dance Kepler class offerings, return to the Dance Kepler main page , or contact Max at or 425-522-2481.